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Смерть Майкла Джексона Потрясла Интернет

Michal Jackson Internet

Когда прошлой ночью это стало известно, люди метались между Твиттером, CNN и Google.

Не долго было предвидеть взрыв инфо-обмена, в чём можно будет винить  Twitter. Проблемой было то, что новость стала массовой ещё до того, как CNN мог её подтвердить.

Сообщения о смерти Короля Поп-музыки распространялись со скоростью 5,000 сообщений в минуту. Twitter несколько раз «свалился».  И временно был отключён Twitter Search.

Читать дальше…

Читать далее…


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Welcome to the Jungle: You’ll Need Some Serious Skill

Knowing just  how many of you will be comfortable with reading in English, gives me the confidence that I’ll still be able to put my point across.

Just the other day as I was walking down the street preoccupied with the heavy load of the latest events, I heard this great song by Guns ‘n Roses in my iPod. (Love it. Love the band. In fact love it so much, it’s my favorite band of all time.)

Do check out the legendary, timeless  piece of genius:

Have you ever wondered about what we call chaos? Very likely that you have.

But have you thought of why we allow ourselves to say Jungle and mean exactly that- the chaos?

How unforgivably short-sighted is that of all the things we call the wild nature a chaos? 

A jungle, in fact, is a highly organized, well-structured and surprisingly efficient environment.

One needs to be an ape to fully appreciate it. As a person, we couldn’t begin to imagine the adequate set of skills that would be necessary to make it through the day in the jungle forest.

Likewise in our country, where most of the things are downright ridiculous (I won’t have you go far to see this) the jungle allegory takes on a whole new perspective, doesn’t it?

Does this mean that being out of the element on so many levels, virtually makes us apes in town?

There goes the chaos, inadequate set of skills to pull it through, fear of change and a complete mistrust that closes the loop.

I»ll let you ponder on this: social media is the jungle that perhaps will never make perfect sense, but without a doubt it calls for a much closer look and a deeper understanding if one is to set a foot on its terrain.

A lot of agencies in Ukraine stay aloof, as if there was nothing new to discover. Whoever gets it, is light years ahead of others, because this kind of untangling is never-ending.

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