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Message in a Bottle: Письмо из прошлого

Это случайно найденный текст, написанный мною ещё в начале учёбы в Голландии.  Мне было очень тепло и трогательно после его прочтения. Я считаю, что он заслуживает этого места в моём блоге.

Internet Advertisement Ukraine

Every body

Between the clean sheets

Scattered throughout the web and yet together, we are incredibly vulnerable to the assumed power we believe to have unveiled.

All of a sudden, like at once, there came Internet.

It varied for everybody: some of you were probably steadily progressing into the web, whereas for the most of the crowd it really was a snap. It couldn’t have been otherwise.

I remember those very first ventures into the world of net. I felt like I just took a surreal plunge into the space, touched the throbbing brain of the almighty and all-over energized I landed back onto the grayness of disconnectedness.

Turns out, addictive.

OK, the second part is a bleak retrospective that doesn’t really pay justice to how all completely the lives have changed of almost everyone I know.
I live and breathe advertising, the industry that has a rather complicated relationship with the Internet.

After a looooong period of courting the two tied the knot to become the world’s mastermind of propaganda. Don’t you just love the irony? Information is the ultimate freedom, yet it enslaves the masses when collected consistently.

And wouldn’t you better stay in control of what becomes of your own information. And be the one who controls your own private data. Impossible.

Internet is the good and evil, like free and ridiculously expensive, for we get to pay a high price one way or another.

Like a marine monster of the vast pool of shared knowledge. It is the Everybody. It is me and you, but in the ways we may not know.Here I want to explore and investigate who has more power we, the consumers or we, the marketers.


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